mikebabineau engineer

Icinga-PagerDuty Integration via Chef

I wrote a Chef recipe for enabling PagerDuty support in Icinga. With luck, it'll be merged into Marius Ducea's icinga cookbook. The code is here.


Configure PagerDuty

Add a service for Icinga: 1. Go to https://your-domain.pagerduty.com/services/new 1. Set the service type to "Nagios" 1. Add the service

Configure your monitoring node

  1. Add the icinga::pagerduty recipe to your role

    name "monitoring"
    description "Monitoring server"
  2. Get the new PagerDuty service's API key api key

  3. Copy it into your node attributes:

      :icinga => {
        :pagerduty => {
          :service_key => "318e318e318e318e318e318e318ead29cf"
  4. Run chef-client

Watch alerts show up in PagerDuty

You should now see alerts like these: api key

PagerDuty will automatically resolve these incidents as Icinga sends recovery notifications. More details here.