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Chef Cookbook for Loggly

(originally written for EA2D's engineering blog)

As mentioned in a previous post, we aggregate and store our logs using a service called Loggly.

Since we wrote a library for programmatically managing Loggly inputs and devices, it was only natural for us to integrate it with our Chef deployment.

We've written and open sourced a Chef cookbook for Loggly.

From the README:

Installs the loggly-python library and provides a definition for the configuration of Loggly logging.

More specifically, the logglyconf definition will configure rsyslog to watch a log file and send its lines to a Loggly input. When first run, logglyconf will create the input and authorize the server to publish events to that input.

Developed for and tested on Ubuntu 10.10 LTS

You can grab it from the Opscode site:

$ knife cookbook site vendor loggly

Or from our GitHub repository: